Please note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic and until a vaccine has been developed and is widely available, to protect you and myself, Taconicarts will not be taking on any indoor projects unless the customer will not be at the location for the duration of the work. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

TaconicArts does not discriminate and wholly supports the spirit of the American Dream. We are happy to serve any customer regardless their age, sex, religion, immigration¬† status, personal politics, gender or gender identity, musical preferences, sexual orientation, race, national origin, income or whether you think Pugs are cute – or not. (they’re not)


Happily serving Southwest Michigan.

Perhaps you are selling your home and would like to maximize its curb appeal to better secure the price you’re asking. Maybe it’s time to update a room here or there. Maybe your son or daughter has gone off to college and it’s time to reclaim their room.

It’s possible that you may want to impress those who come to your place of business or maybe you’re just tired of staring at the same drab walls day after day.

Attentive To Your Needs

If you're a Real Estate agent, when it comes to staging a home for sale you'll want it looking its best. Sometimes just one room or one wall or the trim on the exterior can make all the difference. And at an Open House it's that first impression that stays with your visitors. We built our early business working with the real estate industry so we understand their needs.

Whatever your reasons for wanting the best looking home or business, inside and out, there is a simple solution: A fresh, professional paint job.

Traditional. Professional.

At TaconicArts we practice a traditional style of painting. There’s a comforting feeling of stipple and brush that you cannot get without brush and roller. Spraying may be and faster but the end result isn’t quite as lush nor the finish as long lasting.

In this business you get what you pay for: The fly-by-night guys will do fly-by-night kind of work. They’ll promise low prices and deliver low quality. But if you want the job done well you need to call someone with experience.


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Affordable on any budget

At TaconicArts we understand that sometimes money is hard to come by so we offer convenient payment plans, often with 0% interest.

If you're on a low or fixed income that doesn't mean you should delay cosmetic maintenance. Sometimes there are private, not-for-profit, state or Federal grants to help or a payment plan that makes sense for your budget. Perhaps you might do some of the work yourself under our guidance. Call us at 845.554.5119 and we'll see what might be available for you.

Bartering is as old as mankind but has sadly fallen out of favor for business transactions. But at TaconicArts we believe that bartering is a perfect system in which to work, create trust and build community. If you can fix my lawnmower or provide fresh produce from your garden or farm or fill a cavity, there's probably a room or two I can paint at your place. Feel free to be creative.


Who We Are

Until the summer of 2015 when he moved to Michigan, Jeff had spent the previous 18 years painting in the Hudson Valley of New York where he has earned an excellent reputation from rural farmers to suburban homeowners to the weekend set in their private lake communities or their mansions overlooking the Hudson River. After a series of life-changing events he’s downsized his life and business and has moved to Van Buren county for a simpler, quieter life, bringing his skills and talents to southwest Michigan.

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